Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a powerful tool in any marketing arsenal.  I am ready to put my skills to work for you on a myriad of tasks.

Photo Touchups

Do you have the perfect photo except for… Eyes & Age Lines, Blemishes & Blotches, Horrible Background? I can ‘knock you out’ of the background and put you on the background/backdrop of your choosing. I can make age lines, blemishes and blotches disappear. I can even help you lose some of the weight you put on over the holidays.

Digital Photo Restoration

If you have older photos that you want to preserve digitally, I can help. I have done a lot of projects helping people restore photos that have been damaged by age/time/wear. I have also been asked to combine multiple images into a single image – where a family asked me to insert their younger brother (who passed away quite young) into another photo so they could have a single portrait of their family together.  Scratches, discolorations, cracks and tears can all be corrected as well.

Custom Graphics

You’d like a button in the sidebar of your website, or a nice email footer for your Outlook, but you don’t know how to create these custom graphics – I can do it for you.  Headers, buttons, favicons, badges – you name it, all can be quickly and easily created using Photoshop.

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